Friday, 30 July 2010

Things that make me happy.

I felt that after that last moaning  ranting blog, I needed to make a happier one. :D

• Random acts of kindness.

• Nice people.

• Video games/Films/Books. I like escaping from this world into another. There's nothing like good old escapism.

• Music. I love how if I listen to happy music, it puts me into a good mood.

• Friends/Family. They're always there for you. (If they're decent friends/members of your family, anyway.)

• My dog. He's always there, always happy. He has loyalty that you cannot get from humans. He lives in the moment, and has no worries.

• Having fun. I love days that you look back on and go "Wow, that was great!"

• Having no worries. The best feeling in the world.

• Sunny days. Obvious reason.

• Rainy days. I like rainy days. Instead of complaining about it, I stay inside, snuggle up and watch a movie. If I have to go out then I don't mind, I like walking in the rain.

• Nature. It's incredibly beautiful, when you think about it.

• Optimists. They make me happy :)

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