Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Sixth Form.

I haven't posted a proper blog on here in... forever... Oh well.
Anyway, sixth form starts tomorrow! I don't know how I feel about it. I'm staying at my school for sixth form, so there's no big change but still... it's going to be different. I think I'm looking forward to it. I mean, if I work really hard I can do well. And the teachers treat you better. And I get a netbook. And I'll be doing classes I want to do. And I will never have to do PE!
I guess it'll be good. I'm going into it with an optimistic attitude (like I do with most things.)

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Jack says:

Salt looks amazing

and angelina jolie is tasty

Wilhelm. The Chicken to Esmée's noodles! says:

shes a bit old tbh

and a bit full of plastic

Jack says:

that's why you close your eyes a bit and look sideways

Wilhelm. The Chicken to Esmée's noodles! says:


silly child"

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

The Circle Of Life.

22:52 Elinor

its the circle of life

its awasoem


22:53 Me




22:53 Elinor


22:53 Me


22:53 Elinor


22:53 Me






haha im putting that on my blog

Thursday, 5 August 2010


I'm currently watching The Nightmare Before Christmas. I love that film. I love children's films, actually. You know, the old Disney classics like Sleeping Beauty and The Lion King? I think the main reason why I love those kind of films is because it brings me back to my childhood. I both love and hate nostalgia. It makes you feel happy because you've remembered something, yet you also feel sad because it is only a distant memory. I probably think about the past too much.

Sunday, 1 August 2010

My Bucket List.

(This is my bucket list as of when I made it, which was sometime in the middle of July, so if I've done some of these prior to July 2010 it will not be crossed off!)

• Go in a limo

• Go to Paris

• Go to New York

• Go up the Statue of Liberty

• Go to New Zealand

• Make a blog

• Be in a movie

• Publish a book

• Get married (to the right person.)

• Read a classic

• Go to every continent

• Visit a real Pokemon centre

• Meet a celebrity

• Kiss a celebrity

• Get an autograph from a celebrity

• Be on a TV show

• Go on a road trip

• Go on Stealth (Thorpe Park)

• Get a job

• Get a job at Waterstones

• Indoor-skydiving

• Go to Vegas

• Go on a helicopter tour

• Go to a concert

• Go ghost hunting

• Go UFO hunting

• Go to a movie premiere
• See a Westend show

• See a Broadway show

• Have a movie day

• Test a game

• Conquer three fears

• Gain more confidence

• Produce an album

• Vlog

• Go on the London Eye

• Go to an open audition

• Do the 'Yes Man Challenge' for a week

• Go paintballing

• Win the lottery

• Finish the book me and Elinor are writing

• Go on a helicopter tour over New York

• Learn to speak another language

• Learn to play the acoustic guitar

• Do a bungee-jump

• Go scuba-diving

• Go swimming with dolphins

• Go surfing

• Ride on the back of a motorbike

• See fireflies

• Go to the top of the Eiffel Tower

• Visit the pyramids in Egypt

• See the Northern Lights

• Plant a tree

• Dress up and attend a costume party

• Host a party

• Watch the sunrise

• Watch the sunset

• Visit the Leaning Tower of Psia

• Learn to drive/pass driving test

• Get a pebble to bounce of the water four times

• Get a tattoo

• Get a piercing

• Go horse-riding

• Do a random act of kindess each day for three weeks

• Visit Ireland

• Live in the present

• Don't give a damn about what people think of me

• Meet JK Rowling

• Learn karate

• Visit the Great Wall of China

• Visit Stone Henge

• Learn to play the piano

• Visit the Grand Canyon

• Go on a safari

• Go whale-watching

• Donate £1000 to charity

• Buy a house, and make it my 'perfect' home

• Eat a hot-dog from a stand on the side of the road in America

• Eat in an American diner in America

• Drink in a coffee house in America

• Go snorkelling

• See the seven wonders of the world

• Eat ice cream in Italy

• Go on a river trip in Venice

• Go skiing

• Meet a famous band/singer that I like

• Walk through a forest by myself

• Send a message in a bottle

• Ride a camel

• Visit Niagara Falls

• Sleep under the stars

• Learn to juggle

• Scuba dive off Australia's Great Barrier Reef

• Gamble in Vegas

• Do a marathon

• See the 'Hollywood' sign

• Go on a cruise

• Visit the Amazon rainforest

• Get in the record books

• Visit London zoo

• Help the homeless

• Make a baby laugh

• Give blood